20 Tiny House Plans You Can Download

Tiny House PlansYou aren’t crazy, and you’re definitely not alone if you felt like stuff is more challenging than ever. Today’s houses are larger and more luxurious than ever in this nation’s history. Sadly, our household earnings did not keep pace and are lower now, in fact, than they were in 2000.

Domestic property is at a low level of 50 years, and leasing is so low that even the most dumped places are at high levels. No wonder the tiny movement of the house has exploded. You can create your own lovely, sustainable, and fully furnished little house for less than half the cost of the down payment on average in a new home.

Tiny House Plans

Small houses are so personalized that finding one that suits both your needs and desires is rare. More commonplace is having one similar, but some adjustment is needed to make it right. An online search for tiny house plans can provide you with various choices.

You’re ready to begin if you found a package that is similar to what you want! You have already done a great deal of the preliminary design work. This can pose its own set of challenges, but it is exciting, so make sure you make a wise choice. Let’s take into account the considerations when it comes to current schemes. Check these tiny house plans for your reference:


Komodo tiny house plans

Tinyhouse.com.au provides numerous tiny house plans you can download for free on their website. All you need to do just fill up your name and email and you are free to download their house plans.

The author Gail Collins writes that a genuinely good house evokes the feeling for home. Home is our security against a chaotic and challenging universe, she states. So much of our houses are not a sanctuary from disorder, just extensions.

Those not conscious of what is sufficient would never be sufficient. It is difficult to achieve the satisfaction we really desire by buying more room or more stuff. Whenever we feel comfortable enough to be truly ourselves, the feeling of home will emerge. Check out this tiny house plan on wheels, which can be downloaded here for here.

Palm Valley Tiny House on Wheels Plan

tiny house plans on wheels minimalist

Small houses ignited the imagination, as many people have never considered living in a place. The revolution created houses that were not possible for many citizens. It has shown a sense of architecture that most housings designed in the last 30 years have missed. It’s carefully evaluated what humans need from the environments in which they live. Download this tiny house plans here.


cabin tiny house plans

A good small house design should be tailored highly for its occupants. Knowing what to put in yours mainly depends on your everyday traditions and needs. Are you always cook from home, or are you much of the time gone?

Do you have enough of sports equipment and additional things, or do you come in with a light load? These are the kinds of issues that you must ask while planning your little home. Let’s continue to dream wonderful in the design process. Download these tiny house plans here.

Hillside Lofted Tiny House Plans

lofted cabin tiny house plans

Many bigger houses with unused space, a moldy spare room. You can make a small room with a small house absolutely luxurious at a very low cost. Whether or not you planning to make this tiny home, the value of living should at least be taken into account. Download this tiny house plans here.

Little Yellow

wodden tiny house plans

Little Yellow is based on a Tumbleweed Tiny House Company concept (their Fencl model at the time). Among the many changes of the original design, Ella removed the Netherlands hip roof on the end of the house to bring the gable to the entire longitudinal trailer. This gave the secondary loft additional room and made it much easier to frame the roof as an added benefit. Fewer cutbacks, angles, and forms also lead to fewer headaches. Aloft sleeps at the back of the house and offers space to live and cook.

This well-appointed house has a composter toilet, a washroom formed by a fun, fun tank, and a lovely window with views (of a horse farm).

wodden tiny house plans

Ella’s big harp, the main room’s focus, and a rescued antique school desk will sit and work on her handmade jewelry are ample. She also has space for visitors within 120 square meters. Is that magic? Nope, just a healthy dose of preparation and understanding what you want.

The 227

At 227 sq ft, the Building is still a far cry from the average home in America, where waste is supreme and globally. With the construction of this mini-home, which I might add is on the wheels, the Yestermorrow Design / Build School team in Warren, Vermont, performed an extremely excellent mission.

container tiny house plans

Charred Shou sugi ban siding, recycled metal lighting, handles, professional warehousing nooks and drawers (a Japanese technique to seal the wood with a torch), and high tech ceilings render this a very desirable little residential place.

The bathroom is very luxurious and has a wide, custom-made wall/door and almost 30 square feet. The room has a nautical style, a wet bath where the double toilet has a tub, sink, and composting room. Slatted floors have drainage, and nobody wants to go to the bathroom while calling for services.

April Anson Tiny House Plans

Photo by Tiny House Build with Recycled Materials

April Anson learned about tiny houses at an environmental conference in 2012. She sourced a lot of her materials from the local rebuilding center and ReStore. April kept most of the wood natural and avoided paints. She likes the raw materials’ natural aesthetic, even going so far as using smooth stones for handles.

April loves the parts of her home that have stories. The half-moon-shaped window is one of her favorite features of her house. It came to her through a twist of fate; she was able to find a replacement window for only $30 the day she needed it for just $30. The floors were treated with a natural epoxy alternative to give them more durability. The shingles are cedar, and the windows are made from cedar and wooden shingled by a local tradesman.

Ana White Tiny House

The tiny house plan from Ana White includes a floor plan, diagrams, building instructions, color photos, and even a video tour. Plans include a full kitchen, private bedroom, loft, and surprisingly large amount of storage. The purpose of this tiny house is to use while working on a remote cabin. They release additional plans that include full amenities should someone want to build this tiny house for full time living.

Stacey’s Airstream

Photo by Tiny House Build with Recycled Materials

Stacey realized that she “wanted to shift, to live more simply” She converted her Airstream trailer into a place that she would soon call home. Stacey’s friends and family became worried about her decision.

After a week of living in her new home, things just seemed right. “I honestly thought I was going to have a panic attack,” Stacey says of her family’s initial reaction to her move. “Oh my gosh, I totally get it,” says Stacey, “Oh, oh, gosh. I totally understand it!”  Stacey: “This is how you’re meant to live your whole life!”

Stacey bought a 1992 Airstream trailer and wanted to bring in elements of warmth to space. She chose barn wood to ground the room, adding a cabin feel to it. All of her reclaimed wood came from a friend’s company called R.A.W. Restorations (rawrestorations.com). Stacey liked the idea that the story of past things would be carried on in her trailer.

Tiny Hall House

Photo by Tiny House Build with Recycled Materials

The Hall family wanted their tiny house to be as sustainable and nontoxic as possible. They used as many reclaimed, handmade, unprocessed, and locally sourced materials as they could. The family spent hundreds of hours digging through salvage yards to find diamonds in the rough. Their front door is a reclaimed 100-year-old Mission-style door, which took a lot of time and money to restore. The door is made of solid wood, and there’s no off-gassing. Other things were free; the drawer pulls in their kitchen came from a collection of beach rocks.

The Halls built the house as a family, with their teenage son taking part in the build. The Internet made it easy to find solutions to problems as they arose, the family says.  “There were very few things we couldn’t look up,” said the Hall family, who didn’t have much building experience.  The Halls were deliberate in their approach to getting rid of their excess clutter.

They hosted “Craigslist days” where they invited people to come through their house and buy the things they wanted. Each family member got a memory box, and whatever mementos they wanted to keep had to fit in their box. Everything else was donated or given away. A year later, everyone has loved living in the home the entire family built. The house was an experiment for the family, but they were excited to live in it together.

Zee Kesler

Photo by Tiny House Build with Recycled Materials

Zee Kessler’s tiny house is a mobile classroom and mini art gallery. The house is designed to be portable and can be used as a home with a few modifications. Zee spent the first year of her journey collecting materials on building the house. She hopes the house will spark conversations about the rising cost of living in Vancouver. The city has one of the highest living costs and is in the top twenty for the most expensive places to live in the world.  Zee says the house “brings up conversations of affordable housing without it being the mission.”

Zee McFarlane designed and built a tiny house in Trout Lake, Canada. The house is now a public art piece, classroom, and gallery in one small space. It took six months to build and cost $25,000 Canadian. It’s currently parked at the Trout Lake Community Centre as part of their Artists in Communities program. Zee says, “When people see something interesting, they just want to be part of it—that’s art.” The build would have never happened without the community rallying around the idea of the tiny house.


Tiny houses are “the sweet spot in terms of scale,” says builder Aaron Marer. He was able to enjoy the entire process of the build and add his craftsmanship to the project. In his home, about a third of the framing was reclaimed. Aaron had a large shop, which made processing and storage of reclaimed materials much more comfortable. “Take your estimates and times it by three” is Aaron’s mantra when it comes to the time investment for reclaimed materials.

The whole process—the research, the design, and the actual construction—was one of my favorite things he has ever done. AARON MARET STARTED HIS CAREER AS AN ARCHITECT, DESIGNING BUILDINGS that would later be built far away, and he often never saw them once they were completed. Aaron lives in a tiny home with his partner and their child in a garage. All of his windows, roof, and insulation were bought at the store.

Natalie Pollard

lofted tiny house plans

Natalie Pollard used reclaimed and repurposed materials to create a tiny home. The house was framed, sheathed, and sided with lumber milled by a local family-owned lumber mill. Natalie’s flooring was from a local salvage store, which captures lumber from construction sites. Some items came from her own store, Villagers, in Asheville, NC. Some things came from friends and family, adding a sentimental dimension to the elements of her house.

Natalie says for those things that came from people she knew she likes, “the embodied energy from the materials that come from time.” Also, Natalie’s new home has “so much freedom and had so little stress,” she says. She couldn’t imagine living any other way.

Stephens & Parsons

us tiny house plans

Tiny House Expedition is a community outreach and documentary storytelling project. Christian and Alexis are traveling around the U.S. and Canada in their little house. The house was an “all-hands-on-deck” community endeavor that took eight months to complete.

Reclaimed materials add a lot of warmth and character to the couple’s tiny home. They hope the documentary will inspire discussion about sustainable and affordable housing and encourage people to “dream big and build small” The couple’s house is a collaboration between friends, family, and Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County Winston-Salem, NC. The couple hopes the story of their home will inspire others to dream big, build small.

Dumpster diving and Craigslist were their go-to sources of reclaimed materials. Word of mouth was a big help in finding plywood that otherwise would have been thrown out. Alexis advises people interested in living small to do their research and dive in. Their house allows them to dedicate their time to their documentary project. They hope to help grow the tiny house movement even more by sharing their experience and knowledge. They love the community of the campaign.

Dan & Jess Sullivan

tiny house plans on wheels

The Sullivans used secondhand materials to build their affordable, eco-friendly tiny house. They estimate they saved more than $7,000 by using second-hand materials where they could. All of their windows came from Craigslist. Reclaimed insulation came from a man who took apart a warehouse full of industrial coolers. Two doors came from Dan’s grandmother’s house, and a third door came from Jess’s father’s house. The couple even kept the windows intact, which brings light into the closet.

The Sullivans are happily settled in their completed tiny house in Rhode Island. The house was built in October 2012, and the couple spent the winter designing it the next year, designing and finishing the interior. The tiny house is currently on the market for $1,500,000.

A man in New Hampshire was demolishing the old barn and offered the wood for sale. Dan and Jess used the leftover barn wood to build their library shelves, desk, and pantry. The tiny house is a stepping stone that has allowed them to live their lives to the fullest. Jess has even been able to start her own business baking gluten-and dairy-free foods.

Blaine and Mackenzie

Airstream Tiny house plans

Blaine and Mackenzie Vossler run The Local Branch, making and selling clothing and leather goods with a vintage Americana vibe. The couple bought a 1978 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht for $3,000. Reclaimed materials and antiques let them get the exact look they wanted inside their trailer. The trailer allows them to travel to trade shows, craft fairs, and festivals all over the U.S. in their work studio. The pair also runs an online store to sell and ship their products from anywhere in the country.

Mackenzie and Blaine’s Airstream trailer is filled with old tobacco tins, ammo boxes, and breadboxes. However, they’re very choosy about which items they bring into the trailer. “You really can’t have more than you need,” Mackenzie says. The couple has adjusted quickly to their AirstREAM lifestyle.

Ms. Bohemian Soul Tiny House

rustic Tiny house plans

The 28-foot-long home has a garden path, porch, and fire pit for ample outdoor entertaining, too. Built on a 28′ x 8’6″ trailer and coming in at about 360 square feet of interior space. Additionaly, a majestic round window is the main focal point, however, the full kitchen, nook area, high ceilings, useful built-ins, and huge walk-in-closet certainly contribute to making this space comfortable and fabulous!

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