Cute & Modern Tiny House Loft Ideas

Tiny House Loft Ideas – Putting the bedroom in a loft in a small house makes it possible to optimize the vertical usage of space and to provide more space on the ground floor. This allows you to appreciate a bigger kitchen and sitting room.

For other reasons, many people love lofts too. They are comfortable and provide stunning views of the house and the surrounding area. In reality, sleeping in a tiny house loft is like sleeping in a nest!

Tiny House Loft Ideas

In this article, we are going to provide you various designs of tiny house loft you can use as a reference in making your own! Check out these tiny house loft ideas complete with bed and stairs inspiration.

Belleza Pura Farm with Tiny House Loft

Bedroom conditon beleza pura

The bed in the loft area can be found in the center of the room through the stairs. The loft is very comfortable since the queen’s room is upstairs.

tiny house loft stairs

Tiny house loft stairs are beautifully stacked for access to the loft.  You can see the surroundings in bed through the curtains. The bed is really cozy, and even though it’s in a loft, you’re not going to bang your head in plenty of room.

The Nest Romantic Sanctuary

tiny house loft height

You’ll have a cozy and heated loft-style bed inside the home. You’re going to love large fluffy pillows! The bedroom is so beautifully decorated; the celestial bed is spacious and wet.

tiny house loft stairs ideas

Stairs lead to the attic, and only a ladder is accessible into the sleeping room, making it an unacceptable location for someone with reduced mobility or infants.

Fantasy Treehouse and Resort

tiny house loft design

John’s awesome treehouse is a three-story house. It would help if you ascended the ladder to the second deck to access the bedroom. They have a single suite, which is spacious enough to accommodate a double bed, two pull-out sofa beds and a single-floor mattress.

The bedroom is the ultimate comfort, just like your beloved attic haven: warm and comfortable. The bed linen is spotless and the bed is incredibly comfortable.

Tiny House Loft on Treehouse

tiny house loft bed ideas

Steps connect to the attic, where there is a king-size bunk. You have to be careful of the stairs and if you wear sneakers it is slippery. The loft is close and maybe the bigger people can’t stand up. You may even have to walk to bed on your feet.

A fan helps to remove the heat so it can boil in the loft. You can see the stars right from your room on the plus side.

Tiny House Loft on Bed+Bough Treehouse

tiny house loft bedroom

The bedroom of Bed & Bough is on the loft and the lighting is ideal as the windows face the bed. They also supply battery-operated candles to create an atmosphere. The king bed is super comfortable, with plenty of large pillows and blankets.

tiny house loft windows

The loft is also equipped with air conditioning and heating. There is also a pliable sofa with a queen bed. Please note that the loft ladder is not for the weak heart. Though robust and safe, it is steep and not perfect for people who are afraid of heights.

Eagles Nest Tiny House

tiny house loft size The room will sleep up to 6 guests. In the largest loft and in the smaller loft there are 2 bedrooms. Stairs to the bed are given. Notice that the steps to the loft are not to the heart’s faintness.

tiny house loft bedroom ideas

Tiny house loft stairs ideas, the steps are small and you need sufficient flexibility because the way into the loft is very long. However, all the hassle is paid off as the feel is colder and more cozy in the smaller loft than in the main loft.

In the smaller attic, there is also a cassette player. However, the main loft is more spacious. The stairs are easy to reach and a loft hammock is also accessible. The beds are comfortable and tidy both in the main loft and in the smaller loft.

Whippoorwill Retreat House

The stairs lead up to the Canopy Suit suite, which is equipped with a queen size bed with a cedar headboard and a memory memory mattress with an electrical mattress pad heater and hotel sheets. The heat pump is also supplied with a space heater on certain extra chilier days.

The suite has a balcony with a flat roof. The best attraction of the bedroom is the four-foot overhead view of the sky above the bed—no need for candles when you have stars and the moon to give you romance.

The Frog Creek Treehouse

The spiral staircase leading to the loft of the bedroom is particularly wonderful and the highlight of this home. The stairs are therefore a little steep, so you want to ensure that you are able to scale them.

The queen bed is made of memory foam, so it is not fluffy but nevertheless cozy. There are several sockets, and on either side of the bed, you can even see the USB outlets. Extra pillows and blankets are also made for visitors.

Small Loft Ideas for Homes at The Eagles Perch Treehouse

The bed is on the loft, and the ladders are well arranged to support. If you’re a light sleeper, there’s a good sound system next to the bed! The bedding is cozy and fluffy. And at night, you can see the trees outside the windows, which make it even more magical. Additional blankets may also be used outdoors.

Mt. Tabor Treehouse

The bedroom loft has a very sleek spiral staircase and is one of the highlights of the building. The queen size Pendling bed is exceptionally cozy and tidy with additional coats and blankets. The space has a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, power outlets and a lot of light from the lamps as well as the sun lighting from the large windows. The loft is closed with wooden rails and steps up to the extra small guest bed.

Tiny House Loft Bed Ideas

As you enter the Luxury Stone and Timber Treehouse, you can experience the rustic atmosphere surrounding you. It’s flawlessly clean and very big. The queen bed is covered in spotless linen and is cozy. The glass bed tables on the top, the curtain and the hanging lights add a rustic atmosphere to this attic-like space.

On The Rocks 2 Double Cargo Containers

Expect all your worries to wash away as you reach this lovely dwelling place. It makes you feel like you were in the sky, so the house is filled with glass ceilings, so that you can see the breathtaking landscape on the screens from the couch. The high ceiling and glass windows make the room more comfortable and allow you to respire relief. This property does not have Wi-Fi or TV.

Shiners Shack Tiny Cabin

A comfortable loft with a full-sized bed and narrow windows allows you to wake up and gaze out on the mountains. The loft is beautiful, but its steps are a little steep and it can be tough for large people to stand up in the loft. With fine linens and lots of pillows and sheets, the bed is very cozy.

The BoHo Box Hop

On the loft and on the ground floor, there are two sleeping areas. On the first floor is a pull-out memory foam couch, and it is best and comfortable to sleep two. The bedroom nook upstairs is the comfortably furnished and exclusive space you would ever meet, with a very spacious king-size bed that makes you feel like lying in the sky.

Field Trip Modern Tiny House

The loft of the apartment is not less comfortable. The ladders to the loft are wooden and robust. The clothes are placed at the end of the bed and look like it came from the magazine of the home. The bed is flanked by two photo-glass windows on the right and left, so that you can wake up to the stunning view. This loft still has plenty of room as there are two credences on both sides of the walls.

Breathe Modern Tiny House

Tiny House Loft

Breathe offers a loft space with cozy queen-size beds, luxurious hotel sheets, additional bedrooms and large windows for cold, evening brises and a magnificent view of the canyon. The stairs to the loft are robust and firm without bars. The ceiling is very short, so it is difficult to stand, but the loft looks spacious and comfortable with the aid of the lamps, the glass and the skylight.

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