Tiny House Bathroom Ideas, Shower & Storage Ideas

Tiny House Bathroom Ideas – Bathroom is another necessity you need to consider in building your own new tiny house. It should be the primary point to think about! As it becomes the thing that really affects your convenience in living in a small house. A small house means simplify what you really need for living and of course, that’s not your shower!

Tiny House Bathroom Ideas

Things to consider while designing your own bathroom are convenience, cleanliness, and also looks. Those are important because you will visit this place often and spend quite a time inside it.

Pictures of Tiny House Bathrooms

Here we compile beautiful and convenient-looking tiny house bathroom ideas for you to use as reference. Check our tiny bathroom design!

Sedona’s Open Heart Tiny Glamping Cabin

tiny house bathroom floor plan

This small cabin has a separate bathroom located at the back of the cabin.  The bathroom had a fully functioning bathroom with a tub, toilet, and sink. This separated bathroom is a solution if you don’t have more space inside your property.

tiny house bathroom floor plan

Modern Bathroom on Lake House

tiny house bathroom dimensions

The bathrooms were just amazing. Two rain showers (one in the master and one outside) are present (enclosed below the spa). Two rain showers (one in the master and one outside) are present (enclosed below the spa). This Tiny Lake House is very unique due to the hot tub and the paddle boards.

Rustic Bathroom Design at The Cabin

pictures of tiny house bathrooms

The bed and bathroom of this rustic cabin are high quality just what you want to walk around the ranch at the end of a long day. Nice clean bathroom in the tub and decent water pressure. You won’t want to go and can’t wait to return!

Modern Bathroom on Meadow Creek Resort & Spa

The small house is not that small, particularly for the town’s inhabitants. It has everything you want to survive easily, easily and happily. A bathroom of standard size fitted with washing machine, tub, vanities, etc. Its quite surprising to see this normal size bathroom inside this tiny little house.

Luxury Bathroom on Escalante Escapes Holly Hock

This escalante small house is super chic, ideally clean to explore Highway 12 and the city. The room was very spacious and well equipped. The interior architecture has high quality finishes and additional touches with such beauty that frankly you forget that you are in a small house!

Tiny House Bathroom Storage Ideas

In this small house you’ll have a full bathroom with a big glass tub, rain shower head, sink and toilet.

The Treehouse

The bathroom is luminous, is larger than intended and has a sleek and trendy interior. This full bathroom contains all toiletries. On the downside, the shower tiles are cold. If you think you should heat the floor with hot shower water, you are frustrated because the low water pressure in the shower doesn’t help.

Luxury Shower at Bed+Bough Treehouse

There is a complete bathroom in the building. The décor is chic and modern, perfect for your stay: hot and cold water, hair dryer, shampoo, shower gel and additional towels. The toilet is super clean, and if you have a running water problem, the host is more than happy to help.

Small Shower Design at Eagles Nest

The building has a fully furnished bathroom. It is modern and trendy, with a rain shower and perfect sun. Even a tree trunk jutting in the ceiling, a log-shaped sink and a bathroom floor with a stone-texture contribute to the natural atmosphere. All amenities are available, but no hairdryer is available. In particular, many people enjoy the fire-heated hot tub.

Whippoorwill Retreat House

tiny house bathroom storage ideas

If you are looking for a comfortable, quiet getaway, it’s impossible to beat this venue. The Treehouse is unique in its own right, with all the special touches within it.

tiny home bathroom ideas adopt me

This area has a complete bathroom with an overhead rain tub. This area is surrounded by shoulder-high windows which provide a calming outside feel in the canopy of the forest.

Tiny House Bathroom Shower at The Eagles Perch

You must go out to the toilet, walk down a few stairs and unlock it with a key. The shower has a high temperature and pressure of the bath. In the bathroom there is a forced air heater which was essential for the cold weather, especially to use the bathroom in the midnight and to take the shower in the morning. There are all facilities, just make sure you first go to the toilet before you snuggle to the loft.

Mt. Tabor Treehouse

The bathroom inside this unique treehouse is small, but can accommodate a bathroom and is equipped with environmentally friendly cleaning items. Each bathroom has anything necessary, such as towels, toilet paper, shampoos and hot water, but the bathroom does not have a hairdryer and even a sink.

ECO Bathroom at Luxury Stone and Timber Treehouse

You have to go from the trees to the eco-bathrooms for about 30 seconds, but it’s a nice little mini-walk. The eco-bathrooms contribute to composting and reduce environmental impacts. Each eco-bathroom has separate eco-toilets for men and women with a shared outdoor sink. The main eco bathroom also has a wonderful open rainforest shower that is really calming with herbal shampoo, conditioning and washing body.

tiny house bathroom shower

In the middle of the forest, you can feel like taking a bath. The tankless heaters provide you with unrestricted warm water during your visit. The toilets are tidy and well ventilated with a lime dust basket and a scoop to spray in the toilet after all use. It was spotless to reduce environmental footprints by composting.

Flying Lady Ranch

The bathroom is very aesthetic, white-dominated by the wood panel below the sink and mint-cyan appliances such as towels and mattress. There is warm water, shampoo and hairdryer so that you do not have to think again.

The Lily Pad Container House

Connecting to the bedroom is a private bathroom, large enough and very cozy. The shower has a great rainfall head and exclusive night lights to relax.

It also offers everything you need, from towels of all sorts (bath, hand towels), washcloths, hair-dryer, bath tubs, soap-bar, shampoo, conditioner, douche-chap, toilet paper, fabrics, wipes for makeup removal. In case you don’t have your own toothpaste and toothbrushes.

On The Rocks 2 Double Cargo Containers

On this property there are two shipping container houses, this one is a double container home.

The house has a private bathroom and a wise capacity tub. It is compact, but it is equipped with everything you need for your stay. The soap is given for body, shampoo, conditioner, hot water, hair dryer and extra towels. The host also supplies purified water and the sink is very convenient.

Forest Haven

There is an indoor bathroom with pebble floors, an outdoor shower and an outdoor bath with whirlpool hot water that looks like a hot tub. They do have bath salts in the bathroom, which is very soothing. And in snowy days it’s perfect to relax in the bath, but just take care of bringing your own slippers.

Shiners Shack Tiny Cabin

There is a full bathroom with a standing tub and everything you need, including hot water, shampoo, soap and a lot of towels. The bathroom is surprisingly large as you are in a small house, with great lighting and high water pressure.

The BoHo Box Hop

The bathroom on the boho box is large and larger than anticipated in a small home. The necessary tools and additional toiletries, including a towel warmer on the plus side, are offered. You should also take a hot shower while listening to your favorite Bluetooth speaker music in the tub.

The Blue Bird

There is a full bathroom with all facilities. Anything you need for your getaway is affordable, such as shower gel, shampoo and hot water, plenty of towels and hairdryer. The room is small, but still suitable for two.

The Scenic Orchard

The bathroom on scenic orchard is tidy and comfortable and comes with a walk-in tub and a light mirror. The rain shower pressure is large and there is additional room in the vicinity of the sink and several various choices for the bidet and a heated toilet. Both the necessary items, including washing supplies, are available and plenty of towels, towels, dresses and even a turbocharged turn are available.

A Tiny Slice of Heaven

The scale of the bathroom will surprise you. It is larger than you can imagine and very spacious. A full tub is fitted with a shampoo, body spray, washing machine, hairdryer, etc. New, nice, soft towels are available and may be wall art because they are pretty. The dressing robes and slippers are available to guests.

The shower head is wonderful and hot water so after a very long day of journey, it will be good to take a swim. One thing: if you take a shower and close the bathroom barn door, the glass wall of the shower opens it to the rest of the small house. So make sure you stick with someone with whom you are happy.

Luxury Tiny Home

A complete tiny house bathroom ideas with many thoughtful touches is available. The rocky shower floor really looks cool and gives you a foot massage. It can feel nice or bug you, just in case there’s a rolled-up pad. Water tankless heater His house has a hot water heater without water.

The tub sprinkles warm water, which is comfortable for showers, but when the weather is cold, the tankless water heater has difficulty making the water really hot when the weather is cold. Further ventilation in the bedroom and bathroom is provided by the water heater.

Field Trip Modern Tiny House

Field Trip Tiny House is located on a large backyard. Without giving up all the comforts of home you will experience small living with two charming bedrooms, one complete bathroom, a kitchen with all the necessary facilities. This Tiny House Bathroom Ideas is super convenient for a tiny house in the backyard.


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