The Treehouse by Micah And Jules


If you want both adventure and millennial feels, you may need to check this space out. Constructed 16 feet up in a tree, this treehouse is something you would never imagine. Unique, modern, and creative, The Treehouse at The Escape is not missed in Utah.

Micah and Jules have done a spectacular job by preserving a dead cottonwood tree and turning it into an adventure site everyone loves. Specialized in tiny houses, Micah and Jules decided to build one high up the tree. However, this house is not just your regular treehouse.


The house is tastefully constructed with modern finishes. It is a bit cramped but has everything you need for an amazing staycation. Free Wi-Fi, Direct TV, Netflix are all available. The position of the TV is adjustable to make sure the guests can watch from any direction.

Not only that, but the host also provides a love seat, a collapsable wooden bar, dedicated workspace, as well as a functional kitchen with cooking basics, a two-burner stove, refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, and a hotplate. There are also large picture windows to see the incredible views of The Sugar Knoll plateau.


Steps are leading to the loft, where the king-sized bed is provided. You need to be aware of the stairs because they are slippery if you are wearing socks. The loft is tight, and the taller people might not be able to stand up. You might even need to walk on your knees to get to the bed.

There is a fan to help eliminate the heat since it can be boiling in the loft. On the plus side, you can see the stars right from your bed. Imagine that long pillow talk stargazing?


The bathroom is well-lit, bigger than expected, and equipped with a modern and stylish interior. All the toiletries are provided in this full-sized bathroom. On the downside, the tiles in the shower are cold. If you think you can heat the floor using the hot water from the shower, you would be disappointed because it does not help due to the low water pressure in the showerhead.

Pool and hot tubs are also available, but they are located in the second location, which is ¼ mile down the road.

The Treehouse at The Escape is an example of clever use of a dead tree trunk. It is nicely appointed, quaint, and comfortable. The climbing wall is breathtaking and certainly will bring back one’s childhood dream. Please note that you might want to be extra careful not to have too many things using the power at once because it will blow a fuse, but still, the hosts are within reach and will help you anytime you need.


Forget the ladder to reach your treehouse! This fantastic treehouse offers access through the hobbit door that opens up to the inside of the tree. Inside the hollowed-out trunk, you will find a climbing wall. Yes! You can climb inside the tree to go to the house.

If you do not feel like climbing, The Treehouse at The Escape also has exterior stairs for easier access.

Right off the front porch, there is a chicken coop. This will be fun to see, but if you are not a morning person, you may find this one a bit distracting as the chickens wake up earlier than you and create some noises here and there.

A gas grill is also provided on the patio. If you want to cook on your own, there are plenty of grocery stores nearby, but keep in mind that places in the area close early.

This accommodation is situated between Zion, twenty minutes away, and Bryce, 50 minutes away. There are lots of cool destinations you might want to check out: Southern Utah’s National Park, the Grand Canyon is one and half hours south, Cedar Breaks, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and also Lake Powell. Certainly, no place to be missed.

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