The La Paz Treehouse

Overview The La Paz Treehouse

If you are looking for a fulfillment of childhood dreams while also satisfying everything an actual grownup needs for comfort, then The La Paz Treehouse is the place for you. Built on the 30-acre property, The La Paz Treehouse is actually one of the three houses available. Each treehouse is connected by the tree-friendly suspension bridge, which also connects the bathroom and the kitchen.

The house is made of wood with a straw roof and bamboo accents. This space is perfect for solo travelers, couples, and groups since it can accommodate up to eleven guests in all three treehouses. Dogs are more than welcome here, and the hosts do not charge an extra fee for that. However, the guests are suggested to give prior notice and to inform the hosts if your dogs are friendly with others or not.


There are two levels in the house with a ladder to access the bedroom’s loft. The room is spotless, with a smart TV and a very comfortable bed. There are plenty of blankets, and the linen is super clean and convenient.


The bathroom is located in another structure as there is no bathroom in any house. However, it does not mean that the guests need to share the bathroom. Each treehouse is assigned its own spotless shower room, as denoted by the sign on the shower room doors. There is a small heater in the restroom. Shampoo, hot water, and a hairdryer are also provided.


The treehouse consists of three parts: the main floor, the loft, and the spacious porch. From the back porch, you can see the ladder to access the loft and an iconic view of nature. This is a perfect place to hit some books and rest on one of the several chairs and sofas available on the porch.

On the main floor, there are colorful love seats and armchairs with plenty of cushions. If you want to plug into your job, there is also a dedicated workspace. The Wi-Fi is lightning speed, up to 70 Mbps, so you can also binge-watch your favorite TV shows from this space.

The plancha style kitchen is stocked with cooking utensils you need: microwave, mini-refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, water boiler, rice cooker, flat top grill, and cold sink. There is no hot water provided. The host also provides some basics for extra service: tea, coffee, creamer, sugar, rice, salt, oil, popcorn, and chocolate. Pan, pot, plates, and a cast-iron skillet are also available. There is also a griddle in the connecting platform.


There are three houses provided in this accommodation, the nearest is 50 yards away from the main house, and the farthest is 80 yards away. All the houses, including a half bath, are connected by the suspension bridge built around the tree. There is a pond and also multiple fire pits in the area.

Each house has its own firepit to grill some s’mores with firewood and firestarters provided by the host. Guests are also welcome to use a larger fire pit in front of the pond but need to tone down the noise not to disturb the other guests. Something you need to be aware of is that you have to cross the rope bridge to the outdoor grill and the restroom, so it might be a concern for you if you feel inconvenient doing that.

Space is completely dog friendly so that the guests may have dogs off-leash. If you are concerned with this due to fear or allergy of dogs or if your own dog is not friendly with others, all you have to do is inform the hosts, and they will ask the other guests to put the dogs on leash.

You can find good hiking trails on the property as well as a disc golf course. One recommended place is the Benton Falls, which has a beautiful waterfall trail and is just 30 minutes away from the house. You might also check Turtlecreek Falls nearby and The Ocoee and Hiwassee Rivers, which are only short yet beautiful drives away. Also, there are great choices of local restaurants if you do not feel like cooking by yourself. The hosts have an extensive amount of information on things to do in the area, so you may never get bored.

The La Paz Treehouse is a rare find and such a cool place to crash after days of hiking and mountain biking. It is truly whimsical, easy to find, easy to check-in, extremely fabulous with unbelievable speed Wi-Fi. The house itself is an example of perfect craftsmanship with thoughtful touches all over the property.


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