The Frog Creek Treehouse


If you are looking for a special place to unplug from the hustle-bustle life, this space is the best option. The Frog Creek Treehouse hosted by Michael is situated on 10 acres of quiet, secluded wooded area with open spaces and a trail to enjoy. It is modern and well-furnished. The moment you step in, you will feel the luxury vibe all over.


The spiral staircase leading to the bedroom loft is particularly fabulous and the highlight of this house. However, the steps are a bit steep, so you will want to make sure you can climb them. The queen-sized bed is made of memory foam, so it is not that soft but still tranquil and comfortable. There are plenty of outlets, and you can also find the USB outlets on either side of the bed. The guests will be provided with extra pillows and blankets as well.


The full bath is a bit cozy yet quite adequate. The showerhead’s water pressure is good as the showerhead has a few pressure settings to choose from. There is no hairdryer, but the amenities are well provided. You might need to bring your own conditioner, though.


There is no TV and Wi-Fi, so it may be a concern if you want to stay updated during your staycation. There is also no air conditioning, but the treehouse stays at a reasonable temperature during the day. It retains the heat into the night, but with a few windows open and the ceiling fan running, it is easy to cool off.

A small kitchen is provided for the guests to cook their own food as there are not many restaurants in the area. There is a small, around ~12” round, electric skillet in the cabinet in addition to the microwave to cook up some eggs or other food if needed.  However, the mini-fridge is a bit small, so you need to plan your meal if you stay for more than 3 days. But worry not because a well-stocked grocery store, pizza shop, and Subway is just a 5-minute drive away from the Key Centre Shopping Plaza, so you will be able to top up your food supply nearby. 


The outdoor patio nestled up within the trees is another highlight of this luxurious treehouse. It is perfect for reading or relaxing overlooking nature. People find it peaceful to just unwind for several hours on the balcony. The exterior stairs are built for easy access to the house, and the stairway is on motion sensors that activate at night but only when you approach it. The switch to turn the sensors on and off is just inside the treehouse. 

The accommodation is approximately 60 miles from Seattle and 48 miles from SeaTac Airport, and it actually shares the property with a 9-bedroom, lodge-style retreat center. The treehouse guests still have their own private designated parking lot and full access to explore a half-mile perimeter trail, pond, and labyrinth. The small intricate hiking trails behind the treehouse leading to a cute little pond, blackberry bushes, and a short hike a few minutes away to the beautiful Maple Hollow Park are enjoyable, but you need to watch out for frogs. The labyrinth is also worth exploring for a little adventure. 


The Frog Creek Treehouse is a solitary peaceful place built on a forested property, and it is a perfect retreat for you who want to have a digital detox. It is quiet, and off the beaten path, so you will not hear road-noise, only a sound of nature, yet it is still close enough to services that it is easy to venture about.

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