The Eagles Perch Treehouse by Beverly


A stunning Treehouse looking over the Strait of Juan De Fuca is a total North-West Washington experience. It is made of cedar with rustic touches. Once you are inside, you will never want to leave as the floor-to-ceiling window looks onto the straight and with the constantly moving landscape of cruise ships, wildlife, and bald eagles soaring across your window. 

The treehouse is on a high bluff built for 2 and soaring 20 feet high in the trees. Experience warmth with cedar and wormwood walls with rustic touches, kitchy games, and books. You can sit on the couch snuggled in blankets and pillows or sit on the porch with a propane fire pit and get lost in the memorizing view of the constantly changing water, trees swaying, and eagles soaring by.


The bed is on the loft, and the ladders to get up and down are perfectly placed handles to help. If you’re a light sleeper, there is a sound machine next to the bed, which is nice! The bedding is soft and comfortable. You can see the trees outside the windows from the bed even at night, making it even more mystical. There are also extra blankets to use outside.


To get to the bathroom, you have to go outside, walk down a couple of stairs, and open it with a key. The shower has great water temperature and pressure. There’s a forced air heater in the bathroom which was crucial for the cold temps, especially for needing to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and for coming down for a shower in the morning. All the amenities are there, so make sure you go to the bathroom first before snuggling to the loft.


The treehouse itself is beautiful both inside and out. It is just gorgeous, like coming out of a dream, thoughtfully laid out and decorated adorably. This includes Wi-Fi, speakers, a kitchenette fully equipped with cooking tools and basics, extra blankets to use outside, great books, many games, and binoculars to bird watch and looks out at the ocean from the porch of the treehouse. The views just from the windows of the treehouse are breathtaking. 



The Eagles Perch treehouse is separated by a small wall to another treehouse-The Eagles Nest. However, the wall is soundproof, so you do not hear anything other than people walking upstairs. There are designed windows and porches to be totally private and have your own space. 

The swing and various places to sit make the seaside cliff all the more inviting. Along the side of the cliff over the ocean, there is a fire pit. There are several nice benches to sit and gaze at the beautiful beach below, as well as a bench swing and small swing, both of which are awesome and fun. It is so cool to be in a forest basically but also on a cliff over the ocean. All the twinkling lights outside are to create the perfect ambiance. There are also a small sink and a super cute counter space on the porch with drinkable water. However, be aware there is no warm running water, but you can easily heat some water on the little gas stove.

The view of the water from the deck and the couch area is breathtaking. You can hear the waves crashing against the shore below, and it is more than magical. You can even see the lights of Victoria across the water. 

If you are adventurous and want to enjoy more nature, this place is just .9 mile to the 30-mile discovery bike trail, 20 minutes to downtown Port Angeles or Sequim, Lavender fields, water activities on the strait, Olympic Game Farm, less than 1 hour to mountains, surfing, Crescent Lake, and Sol Duc Hot springs.

This amazing accommodation situated in Port Angeles is undoubtedly charmingly decorated inside and outside. Surrounded by beautiful nature – trees and ocean – this space is such a breathtaking gem. It is perfect for you who are looking for a romantic getaway. Do expect big, because this treehouse will exceed your expectations.

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