30 Shipping Container House Ideas & Plans

Shipping Container House Ideas – This trend is not only about maximizing small space, but also what people do for green living. A shipping container house is about reusing and repurposing abundant material for better usage. FYI, there are now more unused containers than the ones that operate. Approximately 17 million shipments are produced, although only six percent are used. So, how many deserted steel goods do you see outside?

Shipping Container House Ideas & Plans

Curious about the trend? Check out how people transforming a shipping container into a nice beautiful dreamy house! We are going to compile shipping container house plans and also ideas for your reference, check that out!

Simple Container House Plans

Shipping Container House Ideas

These simple floor plans are interesting to see. There are multiple options of how you can rearrange space inside this tiny shipping container. It’s quite surprising to see how many different options can be applied inside this small space. It’s all about the imagination and creativity of exploring new possibilities!

3 Bedroom Container House Plans

Shipping Container House Ideas & Plans

The custom-made by Backcountry Containers includes two 40-foot containers that are linked across a more conventional room designed with a handle.

Inside the plan, you will have 3 bedroom container house. It’s interesting how the Backcountry Containers stack the multiple boxes into a nice-looking tiny house.

container house design

In the shipping containers “wings” of the house are private parts (including bedrooms and bathrooms). The huge, open spacious room has a kitchen and a living and dining area. The architecture combines isolated space with spacious shared areas carefully.

2 Bedroom Container House Plans

simple container house plans

This tiny house consists of 2 connected 20ft shipping containers. This shipping container house is unique not only because of the shape, but also the use of green energy. Perfect for the sustainable concept of recycling material and also green energy. Inside the house, you will have complete necessities for living, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and porch.

A Tiny Slice of Heaven – Modern Container House Design

3 bedroom container house plans

This little house was great! If you ever think how a container home will be like, this home will triumph over you. This little slice of the sky lives up to its name and maybe your own slice of the sky. Enjoy this well-furnished studio, a small home with French doors opening up to a private courtyard, a spacious bathroom, and a queen-size bed. A fully fitted kitchen with all the touches to make your stay in Denver memorable.

This stylishly built and painted shipping container has a much smaller size with all the moods and comforts of any family home. Very welcoming, well laid, sleek, sparkling and tidy, incredibly convenient, practical, environmentally conscious, and endless facilities.

Luxury Tiny Shipping Container Home

2 bedroom container house plans

Experience a modern luxurious Tiny Home, located in the remote southern part of Utah. in a small little hamlet on the outskirts of Capitol Reef National Park. The Tiny Home looks cramped from a distance, but once inside, the high ceilings and many glass windows make the room spacious and brighter. It can hold 1-2 people but can accommodate up to 4 people. There is a comfortable 3rd person sofa bed and a long, fourth one padded seat.

4 bedroom shipping container home plans

This Shipping Container House Ideas is nice, exclusive, spacious, well-designed, and convenient for one or two people. It is tidy, maintenance-free, and spacious, with high ceilings. The esthetic interior architecture is magnificent. It includes all the lovely wood panelings, hardwood floors, many shelving and cabinets, chairs, and natural light.

The Steel Pueblo

container house plans free download

Steel Pueblo is a boutique accommodation experience, which will make your stay a focal point of your journeys instead of a place to relax your mind. It’s a beautiful environment for anybody who needs a productive time to work and/or care for themselves.

This is an extremely unusual house close to Taos’ center, but it is also located on a huge lot with endless views. The mountains surround it so that you can have a look of any corner. It has breathtaking scenery and the interior architecture gives you the feeling that you live in luxury.

The Shipping Container House Ideas is so cute and spacious. The three glass doors in the living room can be sliding on your side to the balcony. The sunbeams into the building, enhancing the space and accentuating the views of the surrounding mountains.

The Scenic Orchard

40' shipping container home plans

The Scenic Orchard is situated on 40 acres and provides an extremely private and comfortable atmosphere when watching wildlife. Guests will watch the sunrise and sunset while they stay here! See the sunset cozy up in bed or walk to the outside deck by the fire place to enjoy the sunrise over the valleys and hills.

The house is compact but pristine and full of reflective touches such as heated floors and sports. All is so impeccable, sleek and the little details making room practical are excellent. With big glass windows on the front, you can see through the distance with unimpeded views at every time of the day.

Ship Shak on the River

The Ship Shak studio home is the ideal place for your stay in Bryson City, set on a stunning river view site. The special 20-inch shipping container offers a beautiful view of the river Tuckasegee. You do not want to abandon the river sounds and sights even though you are just one mile from the beautiful downtown Bryson City and minutes from the Great Smokies National Park with its walking paths and waterfalls.

Do not want the space to annoy you because the Ship Shak has plenty of room to make you feel like it’s ideal for couples to get there. It’s so peaceful in the night that makes sleeping very enjoyable. It is also well fitted for a few comfortable days.

Breathe Modern Tiny House

Breathe is a well-appointed little Dwell Magazine with an open seating space, loft bedrooms, a personalized kitchen with high-end finishing facilities and a spa-like bathroom for your convenience and pleasure. With a breathtaking view to the south of Sedona’s Red Rock figure and big windows facing Mount Wilson, Breathe offers the aware traveler a sophisticated experience.

This small house influenced by Dwell Magazine is immaculate, comfortable, bright, clean and effective with many thoughtful touches. Among other Sedona accommodations, contemporary architecture stands out. For a small home, the new interior looks elegant. This house is spacious, airy, and has ample storage space despite its size.

Field Trip Modern Tiny House

Trip Field Tiny House is located on a big backyard. You will enjoy small living without giving up any of the comforts of home with two charming bedrooms, a complete bathroom, a kitchen and all the amenities.

This stunning small housebuilder blends the elegance of the farmhouse with urban styling. Bright, airy and ship-wrapped. The small house comes professionally equipped with everything you need.

The Blue Bird – Shipping Container

Check out this 20ft crate for 8ft tiny house delivery. The container sits on a deck of 40ft to 20ft and covers a 20ft by 12ft deck area with outdoor love seats, jacuzzi, fireplace and gas grill.

There is no separate bedroom, but next to the kitchenette is a sofa bed. The sofa bed with additional linens and pillows is small but spacious and can be comfortably converted into a sofa for more seating.

The Blue Bird’s indoor area is compact and narrow so that the bedroom shares the same space as the kitchenette.

The Tiny Bunker

The Tiny Bunker has been planned and constructed with the vision for easy yet relaxed living that encourages a deep relation to nature and a smaller planetary footprint. The carefully built 160-floor Tiny Bunker uses every inch and doesn’t need much. It’s very effective, everything has a really esthetically pleasing function and location!

The cabin is fed out of the local community solar garden with a focus on sustainability and visitors are able to minimize waste by recycling and composting on the grounds. There are some features: high ceilings, a fully fitted kitchen, a unique high-end bathroom, convertible work/dining area and a comfortable sleeping area furnished with cotton sheets.

The BoHo Box Hop

The Boho Box Hop is the latest version by The Box Hop founders. A more comfortable environment is ideal for couples who are away even though the pull-out bed on the first floor can easily sleep up to four. You’ll have all the luxuries of a secluded journey of silence and quiet just a few miles away from Hocking Hills’ main highway.

The Boho Box Hop consists of two intermodal transport containers. It is exceptional in architecture and in construction. Like a small house, The Boho uses compact living to live a comfortable life creatively in all spaces. The kitchen is well suited to prepare entire meals, a great bonus.

Shiners Shack Tiny Cabin

Shinner Shack, this room of less than 200 square feet offers a comfortable and inexpensive play experience. The cabin is spotless, tastefully painted, and smells of real new, clean pine wood, with plenty of features for a small room. It is the right size, large enough for 2 and the view is magnificent from the seat. There is plenty of room to sleep three in the living area with a sofa.

Forest Haven – Tiny Shipping Container House Ideas

Ela’s a small oasis in the jungle. It is very trendy and suitable for retreats for couples. The whole area is quiet, beautifully furnished and thus usable. Break from the usual city life, relax and just enjoy the outdoors is a perfect option. This is a 20-foot shipping container house with a big living space outside.

The room is a little comfortable. This gives you the impression that you sit in a magazine or somewhere outside of the TV. The impeccable art and style, fully esthetically pure in the combination of wood, steel, and black. It is built with nature’s colors and textures, beautifully blended with the environment but equipped with luxurious linens and another home comfort.

The dark and moody endings really distinguish this building. The vast view of the woods that composes a whole wall is a stunning central part of a trendy interior and is breathtaking.

On The Rocks 2 Double Cargo Containers

You can try this shipping container house if you want a stunning view combined with a charming, gorgeous area. On The Rocks is where nature’s grace and the beauty of space come together. The nice wagon is hung over a sparsely inhabited valley. It looks like you gaze down at Whoville. Lovely hanging on the side of Lookout Mountain It’s as if the building hangs over a bluff’s edge.

Expect to wash away all your stresses as soon as you reach this gorgeous residence. It seems like you’re in the sky, so the house is filled with glass doors, so that you can see the amazing landscape from the couch they placed through the windows with thought.

The Lily Pad Container House

If you want to have a modern and luxurious view of living in a shipping container, this room can steal your breath away. The Dianna Lily Pad blends lovely, clean architecture with intelligent home technology. Dianna thought about what you like and did all of it brilliantly when away from home.

Joshua Tree Desert Dream Shipping Container Suite

Tiny Home meets a 5-star suite made out of two 20′′ shipping containers transformed into a luxurious King suite of 320 ft. The Desert Dream Shipping Container Suite is a tiny, independent home with a private bathroom, kitchen and a private patio.

Guests will share shared courtyard spaces, including the outdoor lounges, the lap pool, spa patio, hammock palapas and private hot tub sanctuary depending on their occupancy.

Flying Lady Ranch

If you’re looking for a break from your busy life and want to be in a retreat, this is the spot for you. Super sweet room right for two people to get away with a swimming pool and a deck to lounge and see the stars during the warmer summer. It is peaceful and serene and loves to see all the birds, butterflies, and deer on the grounds.

Flying Lady Ranch by Kathleen is a modern small, stylishly, and comfortably furnished home shipping container. It is perfect, lovely, tidy with a lovely terrace. The room is filled with fine touches and has a wealth of heaters that keep our guests warm and comfortable. The living area is shared by the kitchenette, but it is narrow and compact with a couch and an ottoman that can also double as a small table.

The Wheel Haus

The Wheel House is located on the back of an RV park in Montrose, Colorado, USA. The place is next to a stream, very private, but some noise can be heard as the cars cross a wooden bridge (but not much traffic during the night).

The house is great if you are looking for a different and exclusive stay relative to a hotel—a perfect stopover on a few nights’ drive through Colorado.

The whole place was very tidy, comfortable and inviting – ideal for all sorts of events and adventures. The house is beautiful and fresh!

Cliffside Tiny Home Container

A plain Shipping Container that turned into a lovely small farmhouse. From the moment you open the front door, this special room surprises you. No comfort has been spared, so make sure to rest after a long day in the national parks or tour them. This small house is also surrounded by a rooftop deck with stunning stars and lovely sunsets on the cliff.

The finishes in the interior are a little underwhelming so it looks like a small hotel room rather than a small home experience. That said, it offers everything alongside the magnificent décor with many beautiful touches and local designs. Talk about this position being minimalist. It is so comfortable and certainly keeps you warm when the temperature falls with the supplied heater.

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