Sedona’s Open Heart Tiny Glamping Cabin

Overview Sedona’s Open Heart Tiny Glamping Cabin

A tiny house is an amazing place for a couples weekend away or a solo retreat! The views are absolutely amazing, and the location is very central. Find peace and relax while fully immersing yourself in the beautiful Sedona views.

The location really makes this spot a gem, with the porch and window design allowing you to take full advantage of the dark starry skies and insane sunsets.

Although it’s a small place, it has everything you need and more.


The space is cozy and cool, very aesthetically pleasing, and the cabin’s view is amazing!

The tiny cabin is a partially shared real estate piece of property, situated just next door to an incredible 3 Bedroom and 2 bath A-Frame structure.

Rest easily on an organic queen size mattress with organic cotton sheets.


Inside the cottage, there are huge windows, from ceiling to floor. The windows make the room seem so much bigger than it actually is. There is also a mirror on the adjacent wall, which only further creates the illusion of a much bigger space.

The space is simple but plenty; they have wifi, coffee, cold a/c, and a fridge. The detached bathroom was super clean.


The tiny cabin is your own private space, whilst the available bathroom is in the back of the cabin itself and is shared with another tiny cabin on the property.

The bathroom was a fully functioning bathroom complete with a shower, toilet, & sink, and it’s super clean.


This tiny house’s exterior is a small but romantic glamping like environment, immaculately clean and set in tones of dark and light wood, awaiting your arrival.

Outside of the room, there are a couple of patio chairs, big and plastic, but comfortable to sit in and enjoy the morning breeze coming in. There is also a wonderful little green hammock that can fit two people if you’re careful.

The night sky was so clear, and the porch area with the hammock was such a nice touch as you gazed up at the milky way that you could see so clearly from that location. Enjoyed the view and the quietness of nature outside.

You will be able to see so many stars at night. You will feel out of nature but feel safe and comfortable at the same time.

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