Review: Herondale at Flat Ridge Farms

Overview Herondale at Flat Ridge Farms

If you are planning to Travel to Nashville, it is a breeze from this lake house location. The lake house is located in a prime location in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States.

It’s quite private and secluded to experience the outdoors, but close enough to get amenities to town. There are restaurants and stores a few minutes away if you need them.

The house was a stand-alone studio-like place overlooking a small pond. The little pond house is adorable and very comfortable.

This pond house is the perfect escape and taking a day off with clean, rustic, modern, and romantic attributes!

You will love the closeness to nature the cabin brought, enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, and be surrounded by nature!

It is recommended if you are looking for a place to appreciate peaceful moments of life and fresh air.

Living Space

This is a one-room tiny house, similar to a hotel room. Decorated very quaintly.

A cute little gem that is modern, hip, and away from it all. The natural light was awesome even in the rain! The interior was very carefully thought out and had all the amenities.

Inside the property, you will have a comfortable queen-size murphy bed. The bed is very inviting and comfortable with more pillows. The lighting was more than adequate.

Just laying in bed, you can see all wildlife doing their thing at night. You could hear the frogs around the pond, and in the morning, you could hear the birds chirping.

This is perfect for a little getaway. We wanted a place to just disconnect from life & relax, and that’s exactly what we got.

Besides the bed, you will also have a comfy kitchenette to prepare meals and a beautiful view of the rural Tennessee countryside. The little kitchen space is perfect for cooking up some mini-meals.

This pond house is fantastic for a getaway, especially when seclusion and simplicity are what you’re after. AC works great, and the amenities are perfect for a single traveler.

The house gave us space and privacy to connect. Even though other folks live on the property, the buildings are far enough away that the pond house allows plenty of privacy.

The house is very small but doesn’t feel like it with high ceilings and big picture windows. All the windows were dreamy for watching deer pass by and soak in some sunshine.


Inside the room, you will have a complete set of bathrooms, just like a normal bathroom inside the tiny house that’s more than enough.


This is such a sweet cabin! The pond is beautiful and teeming with life, especially in the summer.

The large deck overlooking the pond was a nice place to chill outside. Although the house was on another family’s property, it was a very private and secluded experience.

The decor was awesome. A note to future travelers- the best time to arrive is in daylight, as they have to turn on the exterior lights for you to see the check-in area on the door and get it open, and the bugs near the lights will swarm you!

The crickets, rain, and bullfrogs lulled us to sleep every night. You can possibly see deer and hear the fox call at night! It was pretty magical.

It has everything you need & more than you expect, it is highly recommended for a nice, quiet escape from life.

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