Grand A-Frame by Castle

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If you are looking for a glamping experience without bothering to bring too much stuff, this is the perfect fit for you. Grand A-Frame by Castle in Williams, Arizona, offers a sensation of camping life with luxurious amenities under clear starry skies. What a way to go off-grid!


Even though there is no designated room for sleep, this space accommodates up to four guests. Grand A-Frame is well-equipped with a full-size memory foam mattress on the main floor where you can play board games on the bed.

A twin bed is available in the loft, and aside from the bed itself, there is not much space left upstairs. The ladders are steep but sturdy enough, and the view from the bunk is incredible. Extra sheets, blankets, and even a memory foam foldable floor mattress are also provided.


The bathroom is not available inside the house, but you will find a small outdoor shower with hot water right outside. It is just a shed with a water pump, but it is extremely clean and works great. The water stays constant temp, and showering at night feels comfortable as long as light shines into the shower.

However, during the winter months and any other time below 40° F, the host does not offer running water, but you will be able to wash off the day all summer long. Towels and soap are provided. There is also a compost toilet with complete instructions and a sink for cleaning up in the outdoor bathroom area.


The decor sends out desert vibes and serves as the perfect backdrop for any of your social media posts. The interior is meticulously curated to provide you with luxurious amenities while staying true to the camping experience. It has everything you could need to be set up like dishes, lantern, and Bluetooth speaker.

The A-frame is set up to be off-the-grid and runs on solar power. On gloomy days, the solar batteries may not be able to charge fully. In these instances, the fridge may be inoperable, but you can still use the fridge as a cooler. It is recommended to buy foods that don’t spoil easily, like eggs and fruit.

Lastly, it can get very cold in the winter. Please pack accordingly. Before you stay, be sure to look up the weather in Valle, Arizona. Pack extra warm clothing such as thermals and long johns to keep warm. A wood-burning stove and a propane heater are provided to keep you warm on those chilly Arizona nights. When it is hot outside, the A-frame seems to capture all the heat and keep it in as there is no air conditioning, but they provide a little fan to cool it off.

There are also a couple of places for you to plug in your beloved cell phone to get a full charge. But the system cannot handle devices that need a lot of power, like blow dryers. Wi-Fi is unavailable, and cell service is mostly available at the campsite, but a short trip back to the highway will give you guaranteed service.

The tiny kitchen area offers a two-burner camping stove, french press coffee maker with coffee, mini-refrigerator, pots/pans, and basic utensils for preparing a quick meal.


The A-frame is located on an acre of secluded land. The neighboring acres are home to a few of our other glamping experiences, so as secluded as it seems, you might see another guest occasionally. There is almost no light pollution around the A-frame. It gets very dark on moonless or cloudy nights.

On moonless nights, you may not be able to see your hand in front of your face, but there are plenty of stars. LED lanterns and lights are provided inside the A-frame. You may also want to bring a flashlight or use your phone light.

The roads that lead to the A-frame are dirt roads and can get muddy in rain or snow. AWD vehicles are recommended, but any truck or SUV should be able to handle it. Cars may be able to handle it, but there is a chance of getting stuck if it rains or snows and tow trucks are expensive. The on-site host has tow straps in case of emergency, but it is not guaranteed he will always be in town or available.

Aside from that, the location is actually great. A gas station is nearby and the Grand Canyon is just a short 40 minute drive away. The sunrise, sunset, and night sky are all amazing. The A frame itself makes a great foreground of a starry night sky photograph.


If a beautiful starry night with an abundance of peace surrounding is what you seek, this place is for you. The tiny home is definitely more of a camping experience, as it is packed with all the amenities you need to cook, make a fire, play games, and to have a great time.

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