FlipJack Ranch, Romantic Treehouse in the Redwoods


If you are looking for a place to escape the fast-paced world we live in, you might like this space. The FlipJack Ranch offers a romantic getaway that feels magical the moment you step in.

Located in Santa Cruz, California, United States, this accommodation has everything you need for special occasions, honeymoons, and other romantic reconnections.

The ranch towering 14 feet up in the fairy ring of redwoods. It is beautifully constructed, the perfect mix of rustic and luxurious. The morning coffee and tea are delivered with the treehouse pulley system, which you will love trying.

They also provide you with their Farm-to-Table style breakfast where the ingredients are hand-picked right from the farm nearby.


FlipJack Ranch has a separate bedroom with one four-poster king-sized bed covered with luxury linens. The bed is super comfy, and the room feels cozy, surrounded by wood walls.

The host takes serious note in cleaning, especially during the pandemic, and uses steam sanitation of soft goods like pillows and comforters.


Many people find the shower-taking impressive experience. The ranch provides an open-air outdoor shower. When you look up, all you see is giant redwood trees.

Water pressure and hot water function perfectly; however, if you visit in the chillier, rainier months, make sure to wear the bathrobes they provide and prepare to be a tad cold going in and out of the shower. You are also welcome to use the pool and hot tub located in the main house.

Another thing to be aware of is the eco-toilet. It does not flush even though it looks like a regular toilet seat atop a wooden box. You may not need to worry because the instructions are provided, and you need to follow as instructed: throw in some peat moss to cover the smell and help with the compost, and you are fine. The sink and the eco-toilet are also outside.

People worry about the cleanliness of this kind of toilet, but the whole place is clean and does not smell. The hot tub is always freshly cleaned as well.


The interior is cozy, clean, and tastefully decorated. There is a gracious seating area with a gas-powered fireplace, which heats the treehouse quickly. They also provide a working space where you can do a bit of work. There is no TV or cellular service in the entire area, but the Wi-Fi will do just fine.

There is a mini-fridge, but you will not find a kitchen, microwave, or other cooking utensils. The whole house is not covered by curtains or other coverings, but the trees around shade from direct sunlight and provide enough privacy.

Outside the house is a large wraparound deck perfect for sitting and lounging under the gigantic redwoods. You would love to grab some books and read while enjoying the clean, crisp air.


The area outside is truly an escape. There is a trampoline in the middle of a fairy ring of trees, a bench swing, a walk-in chicken coops, and a bunny cage where you can pet and feed. You will also find turkeys, ducks, quail, deer, and any other woodland creature you can think of. There are also farm stands and berry picking areas.

The FlipJack Ranch is just 20 minutes away from Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park and downtown Santa Cruz. The beaches along the coast are all close by, whether you want to see the view from atop or scramble down the cliffs to the beaches themselves.

If you do not want to wander outside, the ranch itself provides many things to explore: fishing in the pond, hot-tubbing, swimming in the lagoon pool, and sitting at the bonfire pit. They also provide different creative classes from canning and preserving, seasonal mushroom foraging in November to March, to watercolor painting at the beach. Many people find watercolor class exceptionally superb!

The FlipJack Ranch is owned by Robin, and she is considered a super host in Airbnb. She takes pride in her cuisines and is committed always to provide the best service for your perfect romantic getaway. Please take note that this place is not for parties, and no children or pets are allowed.

Beautifully situated on the property with a great balance of privacy and inclusiveness, the ranch offers guests total relaxation with the best locally produced and foraged foods. Rustic rooms on the ranch are perfect for special occasions or romantic getaways.

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