Eagles Nest, House on the Water by Beverly


If you happen to be in Port Angeles, there is an accommodation you should check. A charming treehouse that will be a perfect getaway from all the stress built up in daily life. Tucked 20 feet in the trees, the treehouse by Beverly is such a digital detox everyone will love.

There are two rented houses in this accommodation, but guests’ only share is probably just the yard. The windows and the porches are totally private, and the guests next door will not be able to see your own house. However, you may hear the noises here and there, but the host has put up some soundproof material to help a bit.


This space can accommodate up to 6 guests. There are 2 bedrooms located in the main loft and also in the smaller loft. Stairs are provided to reach the bed. Bear in mind that the stairs to the smaller loft are not for the faint of heart.

The steps are small, and you need to be flexible enough as the way into the loft is quite small. But all the inconvenience will be paid off since the feel in the smaller loft is warmer and cozier than it is in the main loft.

There is even a record player in the smaller loft. The main loft, however, is more spacious. The stairs are easy to access, and there is also a loft hammock. The beds both in the main loft and in the smaller loft are comfortable and clean. Extra bed sheets and pillows are also available.


There is a fully furnished bathroom provided in the house. It is modern and stylish with perfect lighting and a rain shower. Even a tree trunk jutting in the ceiling, the log-shaped sink, and the stone-texture bathroom floor add natural surroundings’ ambiance. All the amenities are available but with no hairdryer. Many people especially love the fire-heated hot tub.


The entire treehouse is designed with impeccable craftsmanship. It is charming, modern, yet aesthetic. There is a hammock available in the living room and the window seat to chill and watch the ships. If you are lucky, you might even have a chance to see eagles flying across the window or see deer eat in the meadow below.

Guests can also cook their own meal as the kitchen is provided. It is compact and functional. Microwave, dishes and silverware, baking sheets, refrigerator, oven, freezer, stove, coffee maker, and cooking basics are available. There are even barbecue utensils if you want to enjoy some in the yard. You might need to bring your own coffee, though.

There is no TV provided in this space, but you can still listen to the music from Bose system or the record player in the smaller loft. Wi-Fi is available through the listing.


This treehouse is very high, so you might need to climb many steps before reaching the house. Fairy string lights warmly and beautifully light the exterior stairs and the porch. There are chairs to sit overlooking the sea and listening to the waves crash. A seating area and fire pit area in the yard, and you might need to share these with the other guests.

This amazing accommodation situated in Port Angeles is undoubtedly charmingly decorated inside and outside. Surrounded by beautiful nature – trees and ocean – this space is such a breathtaking gem. It is perfect for you who are looking for a romantic getaway. Do expect big, because this treehouse will exceed your expectations.

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