Belleza Pura Farm Small House

Overview Belleza Pura Farm Tiny House

The tiny house at Natalie’s location is a total dream! If you’re searching for a quiet trip where you can see every star overhead at night, this house is very suggested. Although the home appears small, it is incredibly cozy as well as ideal for a couple.

Experience Colorado by upscale glamping on the beautiful farm from this cozy, hand-made tiny house! This home lies in Silt, Colorado, USA. The focus on detail in this house is impressive, and you will not think how spacious it feels inside!

Enjoy the sunrise and gorgeous sundowns from the deck and delight in the surrounding hills’ spectacular sights. You can likewise take pleasure in spectacular sundowns as you relax on a comfortable seat beside a lovely pond!

This upscale tiny house has all the comforts of residence, including a completely equipped kitchen area, gas variety, as well as beautiful ceramic tile shower!


Bedroom conditon beleza pura

You can find the bed in the loft area by accessing it through the stairs in the middle of the room. The loft is quite spacious, as you will get the queen bed upstairs.

The windows aside allow you to see the surroundings while in bed. The bed is extremely comfortable, and though it’s in a loft, there is plenty of headspaces so you won’t bump your head.


There are 3 separated areas; the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The wooden rustic theme will improve the country feeling inside.

The facilities inside are quite surprising for a tiny house, air conditioner, hot shower, stove, vanity, and plumbing. Of course, those are enough stuff for a small haven.

Multiple wide windows allow light to go inside the room and let you enjoy the view while staying inside. It’s perfect for enjoying morning coffee and staring outside the window.


Things that you expect while staying here are about enjoying the stars and fresh air. That’s why there is no WIFI inside!

Outside, you can relax on the deck in the chair or enjoy spectacular sunsets or beautiful night skies on a comfy chaise lounge beside a gorgeous pond!

Not only that, Interact with the farm animals as you hand feed dwarf goats, mini cows, chickens, ducks, geese, a lamb, and a very friendly horse!


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